Security and Defence

Seminar 'The EU as a Security Provider'
5 Nov 2014 13:00
Source: Flickr - Håkan Dahlström

This seminar focuses on the next phase of the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) with special attention to the institutional developments related to the changing roles of the European Commission and the Council. The follow-up to the December 2013 European Council on Defence will be central to the discussions. The seminar will take place in Brussels on Wednesday 5 November (afternoon only).


The EU’s role as a security provider has been reaffirmed by the European Council of December 2013. While in the past external and internal security were kept separate, they are now increasingly interwoven. This raises issues such as the need for an integrated approach to security,  closer interaction between external and internal security actors and  combining civil and military capacities.

The follow-up action to the December 2013 European Council Conclusions will focus on concrete programmes and activities. There is nothing wrong with that, but the changing security environment also raises questions about the roles and relationships between the various EU actors involved (Council, European Commission, EDA, other agencies). A more integrated approach to security will have its consequences for the institutional and organisational arrangements within the Union.


The seminar will consist of two panels. Theme of the first panel is "The Scope of the EU as a Security Provider". A representative of the European External Action Service (tentatively Maciej Popowski, Deputy Secretary-General) will introduce the topic. A national view will be provided by Ronja Kempin (Stiftung  Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin). The second panel will be dedicated to "The EU as a Security Provider: Impact on the Defence Sector". Daniel Fiott (Institute for European Studies, Free University Brussels) will provide his views. Sandy Johnston (UK Minisitry of Defence) will provide a national view. In both panels ample time will be available for discussion.

Ahead of the seminar the Clingendael Institute will distribute to registered participants an input paper which is meant to stimulate debate. After the seminar a report will be produced.


The seminar is co-organised by the Netherlands Institute for International Relations 'Clingendael' and the Egmont Institute.


The seminar will be held in the University Foundation, 11 Rue d'Egmont, Brussels, on Wednesday 5 November 2014. It will start at 14.00 and finish around 17.00.


Attendance of the seminar is by personal invitation only. However, If you would like to be considered to receive an invitation, or for further information and/or questions, please contact the organiser.