The Social Europe the Member States do not want?
Europe/Amsterdam 11 2016 11:00
Source: Statsministerens kontor/flickr

Social Europe at a crossroads

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By promising a ‘social triple A’ the Juncker Commission has put social Europe high on the agenda. Its commitment formulated in this way should be considered as a reaction to growing criticism – and indeed resentment – in large parts of the population about the handling of the euro crisis. Promoting a more social Europe that protects has become popular in many political circles. But what does that mean in practice? Is there a European agenda shared by all member states? Do they have the same concept of what it should be? Are they really prepared to hand over more competences to Brussels or come to a consensus among themselves?

Following up on our online discussion on social Europe at our website, the Clingendael Institute together with the Brussels-based EU Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung will organise an expert meeting in Brussels on Tuesday, October 11.
With speakers from various member states and Brussels, the different perspectives will be presented and opportunities will be debated to transcend the existing deadlock.

The programme and policy paper of this round table can be downloaded here below.