37 Bangladeshi and Pakistani diplomats complete training
20 Dec 2021 - 14:43
Source: Clingendael

Since 2004, the Clingendael Institute and the Foreign Service Academies from Pakistan and Bangladesh have been working together intimately to facilitate both countries’ junior diplomats’ annual visit to the Clingendael premises in The Hague. This year, too, the Clingendael Institute was delighted to once again organise a month-long training course for our participants from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Nevertheless, due to the global pandemic, the 2021 edition of the training had to move to an online environment. However, thanks to our online digital learning environment, we were able to virtually welcome and contribute to the learning processes of 37 bright and motivated junior diplomats, all of whom logged in from Dhaka and Islamabad.

Throughout three different learning modules – diplomatic skills, international security, and sustainable economic development – we had the pleasure of welcoming various excellent speakers to discuss relevant topics such as digital diplomacy, hybrid threats, climate security, and natural resource management. The participants were also put to work during interactive skills trainings – on, for example, international negotiations – and conducted an extensive scenario planning exercise.

Last but not least, we were welcomed into the virtual halls of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Permanent Court for Arbitration, and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, all visits of which bore fruitful discussions between the respective representatives and the participants.

Ultimately impressed by the qualities and work ethic of the junior diplomats from both foreign services, the Clingendael Institute wishes the diplomats all the best in their future careers.