Blue Economy Training for Panamanian Diplomats & Representatives
23 Feb 2022 - 10:42
Source: Clingendael

Recently, Clingendael Academy hosted an online training programme on Blue Economy for diplomats and representatives from several governmental institutions in Panama. Blue Economy refers to “all economic activities related to oceans, seas and coasts". In the course, the participants discussed sustainable trade, blue finance and aquaculture issues with experts from, amongst others, the fishing industry, banking sector and maritime security sector. They also discussed developments in international ocean policies and the latest state of affairs in climate negotiations; finally, they strengthened their skills in nation branding, blue advocacy and negotiation.

A major part of the programme was dedicated to scenario building, a strategic planning tool. In groups, the participants focused on what Panama’s Blue Economy will look like in 2030. They wrote creative stories about how they imagined Panama will have developed by then. On the final course day, the groups presented and ‘sold’ their scenario’s and ‘future histories’ to one another, with innovative titles such as ‘Better than Business as Usual' and ‘Paradise for Ocean Resources’. They concluded by also discussing concrete policy recommendations and the implications  that the scenario’s may have on their strategic planning process.

Clingendael wishes all participants a successful career in the Panamanian Blue Economy!