Clingendael's convening power: encouraging networking
23 Sep 2016 - 12:37
Source: Clingendael

When working in an international context, meeting and knowing the right people is essential to broaden views and open new doors. As an important element of their training, the participants of the Dutch Course on Foreign Relations (‘Leergang Buitenlandse Betrekkingen (LBB)’) get ample opportunity to strengthen their networking skills.

Over 50 different countries at Clingendael this Fall

The Clingendael Institute in The Hague is a place where many professionals in international relations come together to expand their knowledge and train relevant international skills. This Fall, Clingendael Academy welcomes over 15 groups of course participants (diplomats, mediators, researchers) representing more than 50 different countries.

Understanding other countries’ foreign policies

Getting information first hand from professionals from abroad complements all the knowledge obtained during the Course on Foreign Relations (‘LBB’).

Participants will be at the Clingendael Institute for 12 weeks, and will therefore have plenty of opportunity to gain a better understanding of the foreign policy priorities of, for example, China, Myanmar, Ethiopia, and countries from Eastern Europe, the Sahel region, Eastern Africa, and Central Asia and Mongolia.

Networking as an important element in trainings at Clingendael

As part of its training programmes, Clingendael Academy organises informal exchanges between different groups of diplomats.

This week, the LBB participants, diplomats from West Africa, and diplomats from the MENA region convene in an informal setting to exchange perspectives and gain new insights in the differences and similarities between the countries.

More information?

Please feel free to contact Evelien Borgman, Training & Research Fellow, Clingendael Academy.