Diplomatic training course for Indian diplomats
09 Mar 2021 - 12:03
Source: Clingendael

In February 2021, the first online edition of Clingendael’s training programme for Indian diplomats took place. Eight Indian diplomats employed at embassies around the world were hosted digitally by the Clingendael Academy to join a one-week diplomatic training course. The training aimed to sharpen participants diplomatic skills as well as to deepen knowledge and insights in the ever evolving field of modern diplomacy.

The programme included expert sessions on economic and digital cooperation between India and the EU, but also touched upon diplomatic skills such as economic diplomacy, public diplomacy and international negotiations. Interactive and innovative online learning methods such as a rotating interview carrousel and online simulations were employed to make each session as educational as possible.

Throughout the training the participants worked on their diplomatic ‘soft skills’, on improving their insights in the Dutch foreign policy and on the India - Netherlands relations. The course also supported them in expanding their networks, by strengthening relations with their own colleagues and Dutch counterparts. We look back on a very successful training and look forward to sustain the good relations with India and welcome future Indian delegations at the Clingendael Academy.