Dutch diplomats all set to start their careers
21 Jun 2018 - 12:08
Source: Clingendael

Thirty-nine promising Dutch policy makers have successfully completed their training at the Clingendael Institute. The training was concluded with a EU Council meeting simulation lasting 10 hours. Close to midnight, the negotiated agreement was met with applause. The simulation marked a fitting end to the intensive training programme.

The 10-week training at Clingendael Academy prepared the junior diplomats for their career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Participants to ‘Het Klasje’ consisted of 32 starting diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and seven of their colleagues who hold international policy positions at five other ministries.

Klasje presents pitches

(Inter)national network

Carefully tailored, the course offered a broad array of experts with various backgrounds. The multi-stakeholder approach allowed the participants to expand their network and gain various perspectives on the policy areas of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore, the young policy makers practiced invaluable diplomatic skills such as negotiation and intercultural communication, networked with their colleagues from Belgium and Germany, and went on working visits to key players in foreign affairs, such as the Ministry of Defence, the private sector and European Institutions.

Promising careers

The diplomats now start their careers at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs fully prepared for the intriguing and challenging world of international affairs.