Economic Diplomacy Training for Ukraine
10 Nov 2020 - 13:39
Source: Clingendael

Clingendael Academy provided an online training on Economic Diplomacy for a group of 25 Ukrainian diplomats from 19-23 October. Participants dialed into the Clingendael studio from their own ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev, their homes and their embassies in Cyprus, Jordan, Italy, the Netherlands and even as far as Kuala Lumpur. This allowed for real live input from the field into the discussions on economic diplomacy.  

In addition to engaging in lively discussion on issues such as digital trade fairs, aftercare for investors and the use of online platforms for B2B matchmaking, the group partook in several workshops to further develop their skills. The participants had to complete different interactive assignments at their own pace and in breakout rooms during the live sessions. These included pitching  different sectors of Ukraine to potential investors, selecting an interesting lead to follow up as potential FDI, setting up an outgoing trade mission to a fictional country and  developing their own country brand strategy.

Clingendael Academy’s new online studios and interactive exercises provided a unique and dynamic platform, where every participant could continuously provide input and contribute to the discussion with his or her experiences. This allowed for an enriched learning environment, where practitioners were learning from each other as well as from the trainers on what is possible for economic diplomacy in the digital and COVID-19 era.

For more on trainings in Trade Promotion and Economic Diplomacy, be sure to contact Hans Wurzer.