Enhancing women's networks' skills in Eastern Sudan
31 Mar 2023 - 11:06
Source: Clingendael

Clingendael Academy collaborated with UNDP Sudan in March to train 27 members of a Women, Peace and Security Network in East Sudan. The training aimed to enhance the women’s toolbox of conflict resolution negotiation skills, enabling them to promote inclusive, just, and peaceful communities and address gender and regional power disparities. 

Sudan has faced political instability since the military coup in October 2021, hindering its democratic transition. Violence has increased in several states, including the Eastern region, making it harder for women to participate in public life and decision-making, and complicating their access to resources. Despite the challenges, women have been a driving force in Sudan's social and political movements since the 1940s. Women-led organisations in the East are critical in promoting peace and addressing the impact of violent conflict on (young) women.  

The training taught the women valuable negotiation skills and techniques for adding structure to their community work. Additionally, the session on inclusivity helped them visualise different pathways to meaningful participation in political and peacebuilding processes. The training thus equipped the women with the tools they need to advance their cause and contribute to Sudan's democratic transition. 

Eastern Sudanese women during training