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Negotiation & mediation in conflict resolution

24 Jul 2024 - 23:24
Source: Clingendael Academy
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Clingendael Academy delivers negotiation and mediation training to peace negotiators, mediators, and mediation support staff from around the world.


Clingendael’s training facility 'Negotiation Training as a Tool for Conflict Resolution' was established in 2014 with the support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Under this programme we deliver negotiation and mediation training to peace negotiators, mediators, and mediation support staff from around the world. The training courses are demand-driven, requested by groups and organisations, and may take place at Clingendael as well as in the region. Based on the context, requests and dilemmas, we continue to develop and innovate training programmes, exercises and case studies. 

Participants learn through simulations and role play to put these tools and techniques into practice to better deal with their daily challenges. At the same time, the training serves as a platform where practitioners can exchange dilemmas and learn from each other’s experiences.

Facts and figures

See our facts and figures about our training programmes on negotiation and mediation skills for conflict resolution (2017-2020):

  • Over 120 training programmes took place between 2017-2020
  • The trainings reached 1875 unique participants, including negotiators representing groups in conflict (60%), mediators (27%), mediation support officers (10%) and trainers in insider mediation (3%) On average, 47% of our participants were female.
  • 92% of alumni used negotiation or mediation techniques and concepts obtained during their training
  • 94% found our training (very) useful for their work
  • 80% engaged in a negotiation process within one year after following our training
  • 89% believe that the techniques learned positively impacted their negotiation result


Clingendael Academy is an active partner in 10 different peace negotiation initiatives. Clingendael Academy received training requests from 18 different partners between 2017-2020, including from the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, UNDP, the Somalia Stability Fund, Interpeace, ECOWAS and FemWise (AU).

Check out our full result and impact map 2017-2020

including a snapshot of success stories.

Training pillars
Negotiation & mediation in conflict resolution Training Programme will focus on three facets:
3 July 2017 - 15:49

How we work

Our work is based on the following principles: demand-driven, flexibility, partnerships, sustainability and custom-made. We are constantly seeking new partners to support peace initiatives. Read more
5 July 2017 - 19:15

Our unique training method

Our support to peace initiatives is interactive, practical and confidential. We develop our own simulations tailored to the specific needs of the participants that respond to different phases of the negotiation or mediation process. Read more
5 July 2017 - 19:17

Target groups

We aim to enhance the quality and competences of negotiators and mediators who are actively taking part in peace negotiation processes at local, regional, and international levels. Read more
Negotiation & mediation in conflict resolution
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Negotiation & mediation in conflict resolution
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Negotiation & mediation in conflict resolution
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Negotiation & mediation in conflict resolution
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Staff involved
Ron Ton
Director Clingendael Academy
Christiaan Nelisse
Head of Academy Programme
Annelieke van de Wiel
Senior Academy Fellow
Mark Anstey
Senior Academy Associate
Amanda Klemann
Academy Programme Fellow
Eugène van Kemenade
Senior Academy Associate
Izzy van Unen
Academy Programme Fellow