Fostering skills of Tunisian Local Security Committees
27 Nov 2023 - 16:00
Source: Fostering skills of Tunisian Local Security Committees. Clingendael

In a joint effort between the United Nations Development Programme and the Clingendael Peace Negotiation Programme (CPNP), members of Local Security Committees (LSCs) from Sidi Hassine, Naasane, and La Marsa recently participated in a comprehensive five-day Negotiations and Mediation Training. The training was the second of its kind, following an earlier edition for LSCs from Ben Guerdene and Zarzis.

The Tunisian Local Security Committees are a model of community policing and conflict prevention bringing together representatives of the national police, national guard, government delegations, municipalities, and civil society organisations. 

The training focused on honing negotiation and mediation skills essential for effective communication and cooperation among different sectors of society. Participants engaged in interactive lectures, group assignments, and bilateral simulations, delving into negotiation theory and strategies for guiding effective mediation. The exercises were designed to simulate real-world scenarios, allowing LSC members to practice key communication skills with emotional sensitivity.

As LSCs continue to play a vital role in fostering community safety and well-being, this training equips them with the necessary skills to navigate complex security-related challenges and contribute to a safe and peaceful environment for the local population.