German banking supervisors sharpen intercultural awareness
06 Feb 2019 - 09:43
Source: Clingendael Institute

Clingendael Academy has entered into cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbank (BBk), resulting in a series of two-day intercultural communication training sessions. Last week Clingendael trainers completed the third training in Frankfurt. The trainings are geared towards banking supervisors who encounter intercultural interactions on a frequent basis.

A tailored made approach

Clingendael Academy designed tailor-made intercultural communication training sessions to support the German banking authority working together with (i.a.) members of the ECB, hailing from various EU member states.  In order to establish and maintain good working relations, it is crucial that all involved parties are able to effectively work side-by-side in international teams.

Central to the trainings were the topics of Intercultural competences and Intercultural Awareness. In order to establish a solid basis, the trainers offered a comprehensive theoretical framework and worked on creating cultural awareness. Through highly interactive exercises and discussions, the participants were provided with practical tools and skillsets for successful intercultural interactions. Roleplays were the highlight of the training in which the participants had the opportunity to put their newly gained knowledge to practice in realistic, simulated intercultural situations.

The trainings will be taking place in Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Hannover and Eltville. Clingendael Academy values the fruitful relationship with the Bundesbank and looks forward to continuing the cooperation in the future.

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