'Hiking for Peace’ for Ethiopian youth
25 Jul 2023 - 13:11
Source: Clingendael

Alumni of Clingendael's Training of Trainers (ToT) programme organised their inaugural event "Hiking for Peace" to promote unity among Ethiopian youth. The event took place at the Golele Botanical Gardens in Addis Ababa, inspiring youth to appreciate nature whilst discussing peace and conflict resolution.

The facilitators aimed to create a safe space for discussions on peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms applicable in daily life and work. Sessions covered an introduction to conflict resolution, conflict's impact on mental health, and diversity. Participants engaged in discussions about the difference between positive and negative peace, shared personal experiences of conflict and its impact on their lives, and reflected on building resilient communities and achieving positive peace.

This event marked the first of a series of Hiking for Peace activities. The facilitators intend to hold monthly gatherings to promote ongoing dialogue and collective action towards peace, unity, and societal transformation among Addis Ababa's youth.