Six Factors to Improve Insider Mediation in Peace Processes
14 Apr 2023 - 12:50
Source: Clingendael

Exploring Ways Forward for Insider Mediators, Donors, and Support Organisations

Insider mediators’ involvement in peace processes can positively contribute to the realisation of sustainable solutions for peace and the building of resilience in conflict-affected societies. However, experience has shown that their full potential is not always utilised. In fact, there appears to be a gap between the objectives set by insider mediation initiatives (their ambition) and the long-term outcomes on the ground (their impact). 

What factors contribute to this gap and how to improve the effectiveness of insider mediation initiatives in peace processes? These are the central questions that are answered in this Needs Assessment: Enhancing Insider Mediation. The assessment is the result of Clingendael trainers’ extensive experience working with insider mediators and the evaluation results of our trainings, literature research, thirteen in-depth interviews with (international) mediation support officers and insider mediators, and data submitted by insider mediators from all around the world through online surveys. Based on this data, Clingendael Academy identifies six pressing factors that call for innovation and action: 

  1. Time and resources for strategic planning 

  1. Formal-versus-informal organisational set-up  

  1. Internal group dynamics 

  1. Donor management and coordination 

  1. Constituency engagement 

  1. Track 1-2-3 collaboration and coordination 

The assessment sets out how these six factors influence insider mediation initiatives, and what steps that can be taken — by Clingendael Academy, (international) support organisations, donors, and/or insider mediation initiatives themselves — in order to increase their effectiveness.

Download the needs assessment.