Training of Trainers in Tbilisi
18 Mar 2019 - 10:18
Source: Clingendael

Clingendael Academy provided a Training of Trainers programme on advanced classroom interaction for the Defence Institution Building School in Tbilisi, Georgia. Participants strengthened their skills in effectively dealing with resistance and sparking classroom interaction through various (digital) working forms and using questions.

Training in advanced classroom interaction

From 5 until 8 March 2019, Clingendael trainers provided a Training of Trainers workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia for the Defence Institution Building School (DIBS). Throughout the three training days the participants were provided with practical know-how, proven trainer tools and learned how to apply these directly in simulated training sessions. With the group already consisting of experienced trainers and course organizers, this tailor-made workshop enabled the participants to share their experience and stimulated peer-to-peer learning.

Practice, practice and more practice

During simulated classroom sessions, the DIBS staff and trainers from partner institutions further enhanced their skills in:

  • Creating a safe learning environment and establishing learning goals 

  • Using interactive (working) forms and introducing their assignment/training to an audience

  • Dealing with classroom resistance, in which the trainers had to identify the source of the resistance and find and apply an effective remedy

  • Providing effective feedback to their colleagues, experts and participants

  • Engaging their audience with questions and managing (difficult) questions from their audience

 Many of the participants had the opportunity to build upon experiences and lessons learned from previous workshops in which they participated in The Hague . 

Cooperation between Clingendael Academy and DIBS

This ToT workshop is part of a bigger, initially bilateral, and now fully NATO-funded cooperation between Clingendael Academy and DIBS in Georgia. In this multi-year capacity programme, Clingendael Academy supports DIBS in their efforts in becoming a leading training centre for the Georgian Ministry of Defence.