International security

Building the capacity of the Defence School in Georgia
Source: Ministry of Defence of Georgia
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International security

Clingendael Academy strengthens the capacity of the recently established Defence Institution Building (DIB) School in Georgia. We assist in the development of the institution and offer tailor-made training.

DIB training modules are expected to focus on Georgia’s military and civilian leadership, effective defence and security management, building integrity and ethics within the Armed Forces, and governance of the security sector.

In general, all partner capacity-building programmes of Clingendael Academy are custom designed. Drawing on our own expertise in stimulating reflection and creativity, we encourage recipient ownership every step of the way. We provide support in setting up training institutions, including:

  • Strategy development;
  • Curriculum design;
  • Training of trainers;
  • The drafting of course and exercise materials.

The establishment of the DIB School is part of the support package that the NATO countries endorsed at the 2014 Wales Summit. Therefore in this case, Clingendael Academy works closely with the DIB School and the NATO Core Team in Tbilisi to assist the School through four lines of support:

  1. Assessing the training and capacity needs, by designing and developing courses, and by managing learning and knowledge;
  2. Developing the DIB School itself through strategic planning and lessons learned discussions;
  3. Developing the capacity of training and research staff by training the trainers, by linking research and academy, and via staff exchanges;
  4. Conducting courses on international security, international crisis management, security sector governance, and advanced international skills.

This cooperation allows us to use our experience in capacity-building and international security training to respond to the specific needs of the Georgian security sector.