Strategic Foreign Policy Making Training for Indonesian Diplomats
31 Jul 2019 - 09:45
Bron: Clingendael

Last week, nine senior diplomats from Indonesia concluded a two-week training programme on ‘Strategic Planning and Foreign Policy’.  During this intensive two week programme, the diplomats reinforced and sharpened the advanced skills and knowledge relevant to the work of senior diplomats.

Throughout the two weeks, the diplomats expanded their knowledge and skills in areas such as cyber security, climate change, leadership and crisis communication. In addition, working visits to the Port of Rotterdam and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed for valuable exchanges.

Indonesian Senior Diplomats Training

The skills training on scenario building was a recurring element throughout the programme.  The diplomats had the opportunity to explore and practice with strategic tools and scenarios in relation to Indonesia's foreign policy for the upcoming ten years. The diplomats developed multiple scenarios relating to demographic change, cyber threats and energy security and discussed way in which they could adjust to new future challenges.

Clingendael and Indonesia a special relationship in diplomatic training

Since 2004, Clingendael Academy and Indonesia have had a very special relationship in diplomatic training. To date, over 900 Indonesian diplomats received training from Clingendael Academy or were involved in capacity building projects.

Tailor-made training course

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