Training of Trainers on UN Convention Against Torture in Hanoi
12 Nov 2019 - 11:10
Bron: MPS Vietnam

Investigative interviewers, detention staff and other law enforcements officers who work closely with suspects and detainees all face unique professional challenges. While doing their jobs, they may face challenging and dynamic circumstances in which they are to also ensure that international and national human rights laws and regulations are being met and upheld. Every country around the globe faces the question:

How to effectively train security sector officials so they can apply and uphold the international and national legal standards in their own practice?

Training focus

Recently, Clingendael delivered the last of four Training of Trainers (ToT) modules that focused on this question. The modules explored the core legal elements and standards of the United Nations Convention against Torture (UNCAT), effective training tools, classroom communication and interaction, and the use of practical case studies and roleplays. This ToT supports the ambition formulated by the government of Vietnam, to ultimately deliver UNCAT-relevant training to tens of thousands of security sector officials in the country. This is in light of Article 10 of UNCAT which stipulates the need for law enforcements officials to be trained on the prohibition against torture, and that the rules relating to their duties incorporate the prohibition.

group photo


Coorporation with Vietnamese security sector training institutes since 2015

With the support of the Netherlands embassy in Hanoi, and under the coordination of Vietnam´s Ministry of Public Security, Clingendael has been working together with Vietnamese security sector training institutes since 2015, when Vietnam first ratified the Convention. In previous years, Clingendael supported Vietnam in:

  • writing its first official report to the UNCAT Committee;

  • methods on identifying relevant target groups and training needs;

  • steps for effective curriculum development.

In 2020, the cooperation will continue with Clingendael observing and providing feedback to a corps of central UNCAT trainers selected by the Vietnamese government.

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