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Supporting Vietnam in combatting torture
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Clingendael Academy is strengthening Vietnam’s capacity to successfully implement universal human rights standards. To this end, we deliver a multi-annual training programme on the implementation of the UN Convention Against Torture (UNCAT).

Participants of the programme include the UNCAT Task Force and representatives from the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Hanoi Police Department, People’s Police Academy and the People’s Supreme Court. They are trained in Hanoi as well as in The Netherlands.

The training curriculum - supported for three years by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs - specifically focuses on the training and education obligations under the UNCAT. Article 10 of the Convention obliges States party to incorporate the absolute prohibition of torture in training and education for “law enforcement personnel, civil and military, medical personnel, public officials and other persons”. Therefore, Clingendael Academy conducted a training needs assessment that identifies gaps and opportunities in the professional training of police and other law enforcement officials.

The cooperation with the Government of Vietnam within the framework of this project takes place until the end of 2017. During the final months of collaboration, attention will shift to the capacity-building aspects of UNCAT implementation, inter alia dealing with reviews of training curricula, training of trainers, and looking at monitoring and evaluation tools.

Vietnam ratified the UN Convention in 2015. The cooperation between Clingendael and the Government of Vietnam dates back to 2007 when cooperation in diplomatic training started.