Training for Intercultural Communication Trainers in Georgia
22 Apr 2022 - 15:22
Bron: Defence Institution Building School

‘How to develop and deliver successful intercultural communication trainings?’ was the central question that Clingendael trainers addressed during a four-day ‘Training of Trainers’ course in Tbilisi. Participants, who represented different Georgian Ministries and the Parliament, were given the opportunity to experience workshops and discussion lectures on intercultural communication (ICC) first hand. In addition, participants worked on developing a curriculum for an ICC training that they will be delivering in the foreseeable future.

Clingendael Academy approach to Intercultural Communications Training of Trainers

The trainers used the ADDIE-cycle of curriculum development to structure the programme and form logical building blocks. Participants were guided through the various steps of the model, with trainers supporting them to link the ADDIE-cycle to the topic of ICC, and to apply the model to their own training curricula.

ADDIE Model for Curriculum Development
  • In the analysis phase, participants learned how to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA), and directly applied this to their chosen training audiences. They identified what knowledge and skills their audiences lack that can be addressed through ICC training.
  • During the design phase, participants worked on concretely formulating achievable learning goals for their training, dovetailing them to the identified gaps in the TNA. Using a self-assessment, they gained insight into their own preferential learning styles.
  • In the develop phase, focus was placed on how and when to use various working formats in ICC training, and determined which formats to use in their curricula.
  • Finally, in the implementation and the evaluation phase, participants presented their complete curricula and reviewed their colleagues’ work.

After an intensive week of training, the trainers are now well prepared to implement their own intercultural communication trainings.

Group Photo

The course was offered within the framework of a longstanding partnership with the Defence Institution Building School (DIBS), aimed at strengthening training capacities within the Georgian security sector.