Training to make the Energy Transition Work
17 May 2022 - 15:31
Bron: Clingendael

Last March government officials from across the MENA-region gathered online for the final phase of the training on Energy Transition. This training was the first of five annual trainings and was provided by the Clingendael Academy and CIEP and is part of the larger Shiraka Training Programme.

Each year’s training has a different theme related to the energy transition and mirroring the Netherlands’ own climate tables. This edition zoomed in on a sustainable transition in the field of electricity. The training was run fully online in three distinct phases: technical, governmental and market. In December, participants learned about technical developments such as wind, pv and hydrogen, while sharpening their negotiation skills. This was followed by a period in February in which participants zoomed in on energy and governance and policy worked jointly on their Back Home Action Plans (BHAPs). The group came up with concrete examples of how to use the acquired knowledge, skills and network.

In March, the group focused on the monetization of clean energy in the region, international trade and change management. The group interacted with CIEP experts and integrated their insights into their own BHAPs to become change agents at home and foster the inevitable energy transition in their respective countries. The next edition of the programme will focus on industry. Be sure to keep an eye on the Shiraka website on how to apply.