Diplomatic Training for MENA Junior Diplomats completed
28 Jul 2023 - 17:26
Bron: ©Clingendael

Last week, the 23rd edition of the diplomatic training programme for diplomats from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) was completed. The programme focused on promoting regional cooperation, familiarizing the diplomats with Dutch and EU policies towards the region, and gaining knowledge and skills needed for the work of a diplomat. 

The training programme was divided into four modules each lasting one week: 1) Modern Diplomacy; 2) Regional and International Cooperation; 3) International Law, Peace and Security; 4) Climate and Sustainability. The training programme combined interactive lectures for example public diplomacy and cyber, workshops on intercultural communication & presentation skills and working visits to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the EU institutions in Brussels. 


Climate Diplomacy

A highlight of the training was the focus on climate diplomacy, relevant for the upcoming COP28 in the U.A.E. Next to inviting experts on climate topics, participants practiced their negotiating skills in a fictive multilateral climate simulation. 
The diplomats’ constructive and open attitude, allowed for them to grow as a group, both in terms of skills and knowledge, as well as building strong relationships. We look back on a successful four-week diplomatic training programme.