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State of the Union Conference 2023
09 Nov 2023 09:00 - 17:45
Bron: Clingendael

Clingendael's annual State of the Union Conference at Huys Clingendael is invite-only. The plenary sessions will be streamed live on Youtube.


'A Compass for a Strong Europe'

The 2023 edition of Clingendael's annual State of the Union conference will reflect on the current geopolitical moment as we zoom in on some of the main challenges confronting Europeans. Bringing together some of the leading voices in the European foreign and security policy establishment we aim to help Europe identify new beacons and waypoints to promote its security, prosperity, and stability. 

The date we have chosen for our event is no coincidence. On 9 November we commemorate 34 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. That transformative moment heralded the prospect of a new Europe. Today, we are equally at an inflection point. New dividing lines are being drawn amid Russian aggression, Chinese geopolitical assertiveness, concerns about migration, the climate crisis and changing relations with the US, Europe needs to become stronger, more resilient and more coherent.

In cooperation with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael dedicates this year's edition of the State of the Union Conference to exploring how Europe should chart a new course in this changing geopolitical context.

2023 is a special year for the Clingendael Institute as we celebrate our 40th anniversary, since we were founded in 1983. We will be highlighting this milestone and 40 years of top knowledge and training in international affairs during the Clingendael State of the Union conference.


Tentative programme

The plenary sessions will be streamed live on Youtube. The expert panels are closed sessions and will not be live streamed. All times are Central European Time. 

  • 09:00 Welcome and opening by Monika Sie Dhian Ho, General Director of the Clingendael Institute (livestream)
  • 09:15 Opening panel "Europe in the post-post-Cold War era" with Kajsa Ollongren, outgoing Minister of Defence of the Netherlands (livestream)
  • 11:00 Expert Panel I "A Stronger House - Can the EU enlarge and reform at the same time?"
  • 11:00 Expert Panel II "Looking East - what role for Europe in the Indo-Pacific"
  • 12:15 Plenary discussion "What is the best route to de-risking EU-China relations?" (livestream)
  • 14:00 Expert Panel III "Can Europe develop strategic sovereignty in defence?"
  • 14:00 Expert Panel IV "How strong is the Eurozone really?"
  • 15:15 Plenary discussion (hybrid) "Looking West - One year before the US elections: peril or promise for the transatlantic relationship? (livestream)
  • 16:30 Expert Panel V "Unbreaking Ukraine - How to organise the reconstruction?"
  • 16:30 Expert Panel VI "Looking South - Charting a new course on migration with Northern Africa"
  • 17:45 Closing Keynote (livestream)
  • 18:30 Reception for participants at Clingendael


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