Supporting European Police Officers in International Missions
14 May 2018 - 15:10
Bron: Clingendael

On 25 April 2018 Clingendael Academy hosted a group of police officers from all over Europe for an intensive day-long training focused on Intercultural Awareness. The training was organised in close cooperation with the Dutch National Police, as part of the European Union Police Services Training framework. This framework aims to prepare police officers from EU member states and neighbouring European nations for participation in civil police missions.

Police Mission training Clingendael

The day was spent by discussing how matters such as hierarchy, punctuality, cultural core values and communication styles influence the way police units work together internationally, and how officers interact and communicate with local communities. In the afternoon participants were invited to share and reflect on their own experiences of working in and with other cultures. This resulted in a constructive setting, allowing for everybody to learn from each other's experiences and connect back to the theory and lessons learned throughout the training.