Willem Post

Senior Research Associate
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Expertise: US politics and foreign policy, society and history; Commentator for a large number of media organisations.

Willem Post studied history, diplomacy and international relations at Leiden University in The Netherlands. He is a Senior Research Associate on US politics and history at the Clingendael Institute in The Hague. Specialized in the U.S presidency and U.S. foreign and security policy.

Willem Post has written hundreds of articles and twelve books about U.S. politics, history and internationals relations.  The name just a few: ‘Obamaworld’ (2009), ‘The Magic of New York’ (2013) and ‘Cities go global’, an introduction to city diplomacy (2016).

In the mid-nineties he participated in the International Visitors Leadership Program in Washington D.C.

Willem Post is guest speaker for many organizations. He is a media-commentator on international affairs for numerous Dutch and international media including Belgian Public Radio, BBC the World, Australian Public Radio and Dutch Public Television and Radio.

He is also international advisor on city diplomacy for the municipal government of The Hague, well known as city of Peace and Justice and legal capital of the world because of all its tribunals and courts including the famous Peace Palace with the International Court of Justice.

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Trade and Globalisation

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