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Peacekeeping operations in a changing world

16 Feb 2015 - 10:46
Bron: Photograph: MONUSCO, Myriam Asmani

The Netherlands takes part in peacekeeping operations for reasons ranging from those of principle (maintaining the international legal order) to those based on economic (trade, raw materials) and security (the nation’s own physical security) considerations. As an open society, the Netherlands is by definition vulnerable to international developments, which means that contributing to stability and security and upholding core principles that facilitate and regulate international business are matters of national interest. In a world of increasingly globalised challenges, it is therefore necessary for the Netherlands to contribute to stability and security in distant places in order to protect itself to the greatest extent possible against the adverse effects of conflict and instability.

At the same time, however, the Netherlands’ resources are limited. To adequately and effectively safeguard Dutch interests in a world of continuously changing threats, the Netherlands must set priorities and, of fundamental importance, cooperate with partners in multilateral and other contexts.

This study has already been published in Dutch as part of the larger Clingendael Strategic Monitor 2014 (Een wankele wereldorde: Clingendael Strategische Monitor 2014, edited by Jan Rood) in the context of the Clingendael Strategic Monitor Project. A Clingendael Monitor is published yearly and is commissioned by the Dutch government.