Ko Colijn

Senior Research Fellow


  • Security and Defence
  • Strategic Foresight


  • Middle East & North Africa
  • The Netherlands

Ko Colijn is a generalist with knowledge on a broad spectrum of topics related to international affairs, but specialised on international security. His research focus is on multilateral governance in the international security domain. He is also a journalist and much requested commentator on diplomacy and security issues for both Dutch and foreign public news services. He is a regular contributor and editorial commentator for the influential weekly current affairs journal, Vrij Nederland.

He graduated from Leiden University (NL) and holds a Master in Political Science in 1975. In 1989, he was awarded his doctorate from the same university for his thesis on the Dutch Arms Export Policy. Amongst other functions, he is Professor in International Relations at Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL) where he lectures on International and European Politics.

Ko is member of the Peace and Security Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) and the Council of ‘Nesteliers’ of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. He writes columns in the Dutch weekly 'Vrij Nederland'  and the Dutch 'Marineblad'. 

Ko acts as an external referent for the final exams of Dutch secundary education (programme Europe-International Relations). He also supervises dissertations at Erasmus University and Utrecht University. 

On an ad hoc basis Ko is member of evaluation and research committees on e.g. foreign affairs (Policy and Operations Evaluation Department/IOB), the modernisation of the Dutch diplomatic service, and the National Research Agenda.


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