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Clingendael Monitor 2015: A world without order?

16 Feb 2015 - 10:54
Source: Place de la République / Groume / Flickr / CC

The Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ has published the Clingendael Monitor 2015. This report shows an international order that increasingly will be conditioned by the relations between the great powers. 

Conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East and North Africa leads to increasing instability in the EU’s immediate environment. Moreover these conflicts cause rising tensions between the great powers.

At the same time, bleak reflections about the ‘return of geopolitics’ or ‘a new Cold War’ would be too simplistic and would neglect the broad multilateral cooperative arrangements made by the great powers. This will also be the case for the emerging powers like China and India, who will strive for cooperation under certain conditions, in addition to their own immediate interests. Tensions often coexist with cooperation between powerful states. The international order is therefore most likely to be a fusion of a multilateral as well as a multipolar global order.

Together with two in-depth studies that have been published, this summary report constitutes the Clingendael Monitor 2015. The Clingendael Monitor is published yearly as part of the Strategic Monitor of the Dutch government.

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