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Drivers of urban reconstruction in Syria

31 Jan 2018 - 12:56
Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office/flickr - Mural Aleppo: 'Together we will rebuild everything'
power, privilege and profit extraction

After seven years of revolution, counter-revolution and destruction, Syria faces immense reconstruction needs. Estimated to cost at least €200 billion and involving controversial regime allies such as Russia and Iran, repairing the devastation to the basic infrastructures of the country is set to be a daunting and inevitably political task. European policy makers are considering engagement with the Assad regime to support the much-needed reconstruction of the country, yet face an array of moral and practical questions along the way.

This Policy Brief examines such questions with regards to urban reconstruction. It is the first in a series that explores practical considerations of potential European involvement in specific areas of reconstruction in Assad-ruled Syria. The policy brief translates its findings into four specific steps European policymakers can take in order to ensure that their efforts to contribute to urban reconstruction do not strengthen authoritarian rule or exacerbate ongoing conflict dynamics in Syria.