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International security
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16 Oct - 25 Oct 2024
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We have reached our full capacity. Sign up for the waiting list. The Dutch edition in March 2025 is now open for registration.

The training course on International Security offers a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the most relevant international security challenges and trends. How do the EU and NATO deal with these challenges? How do cyberoperations and emerging technologies affect international security? If you want to learn more about the answers to these questions and more, this is the right course for you. 


Go beyond the headlines 

We go beyond the headlines to truly grasp international developments and their impact on security. It seems evident that the current world order is becoming more and more insecure. Russia's invasion of Ukraine could fundamentally reshape the global order in the longer term. The situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa is volatile, illiberalism is seemingly on the rise and multilateral cooperation is under pressure. New geopolitical rather than rules-based considerations define relationships between for example Russia, the United States, China, and the EU, which thus reshapes European security and defense policies and priorities. 

What is driving these changes? Together with experts, practitioners and policymakers, we gain deeper insights into current international issues. 


Clingendael Academy 

The Clingendael Academy has: 

  • 40+ years experience in international security training courses 

  • 70+ international security training sessions yearly 

  • Alumni from over 60 countries 


Is this course for you?  

This training course is for anyone with a keen interest in security-related developments. The course will help you understand the players and institutions that are tasked with a security mandate, analyse issues of international security and grasp how recent developments fit into the broader international security context.  

There are no formal requirements for participation, but it is advisable that you are equipped with: 

  • Basic knowledge of international relations; 

  • General awareness of the main news headlines; 

  • Interest in international security issues. 

The course has been sold out in previous years. Seats are limited to 20 participants. Register now!

Do you require a visa to join our training in The Netherlands? Find out how to apply here. The Clingendael Institute is unfortunately not able to write visa support letters. If you already have a valid visa, please upload it in the registration form.



This training will take place from 16 until 25 October 2024 at the Clingendael Institute in The Hague. 


Previous participants 

Previous participants were working for NGOs, the aviation sector, the banking sector, universities, the Netherlands Ministry of Defense, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Police Department, and more.   


What will you learn? 

By the end of the training course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify the major trends and recent developments in international security and assess them for the benefit of your company or organisation; 

  • Analyse and discuss issues of international security with colleagues and peers and make recommendations to managers. 


Which methods will be used? 

The training course will consist of interactive knowledge sessions on trends in international security, in which the most recent developments will be put into a broader perspective. The training programme strikes a careful balance between theory, discussion and practice. The programme is set up along the principles of our training methodology, the Clingendael Method, and will make use of a combination of knowledge, insight in work processes and practical skills. 

You will meet leading Clingendael researchers, experts and trainers as well as policymakers and practitioners. We always tailor the course programme to the learning needs of the participants as much as possible.

Examples of topics are: 

  • Fragile states and conflict 

  • EU as a security actor

  • International cooperation 

  • Unconventional threats and challenges 

  • Cyber operations 

  • Conflict and strategic analysis tools and methodology 

  • Geopolitical trends and developments, with a special focus on major global powers 


What else you need to know

No prior reading is required. You will get access to an online learning platform, where related background materials and presentations will be uploaded prior to and during the course. 

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a course certificate.


Group discount

You can qualify for a 10% discount if 5 or more people from the same organisation apply.


Questions? Contact us

If you have interest, questions, doubts or want to meet beforehand? Please do not hesitate to contact one of the course coordinators.

Our General Terms and Conditions apply to this course.

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