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Report Dutch State Commission Demographic Developments 2050

18 Jan 2024 - 11:22
Source: Report State Commission Demographic Developments 2050

The Dutch State Commission on Demographic Developments 2050 was established by the (now outgoing) cabinet at the request of the House of Representatives over a year ago. Monika Sie Dhian Ho, director of the Clingendael Institute, is deputy chair of this committee. The committee's report deals with demographic scenarios towards 2050 (part I), their consequences for space, for the economy and for public services (part II), and offers politicians options for action from the perspective of broad prosperity and social cohesion (part III). Also at the request of the House of Representatives, the State Commission intends to issue a supplementary report on demographic developments for the Caribbean Netherlands around the summer.

Shaping moderate population growth until 2050 is essential for the broad prosperity of the Netherlands, according to the State Committee on Demographic Developments 2050.

Keeping housing, healthcare and education accessible for everyone in the Netherlands and promoting liveability requires a high-quality economy. Linked to this, political choices are needed on the desired size and forms of migration.

Download report (in Dutch).

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Press conference Nieuwspoort / Photo by Taco van der Eb