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US & Europe could realign Russia & China policies after Elections

09 Nov 2020 - 13:29
Source: Joe Biden, Gage Skidmore / Flickr

This analysis has previously been published in Atlantisch perspectief, the magazine of the Atlantic Commission.

The past four years have in many ways contributed towards a further unravelling of a liberal-democratic rules-based order supported by US leadership and hegemony. In their thought-provoking book Exit from Hegemony American political scientists Alexander Cooley and Daniel Nexon have analyzed how this hegemonic order was undermined by a number of factors, including the actions of rival powers, and transnational movements and nationalist/populist leaders, like President Trump himself.

This article will focus on two areas where objectively speaking the US and the EU have similar or even common interests, but where the present disputes have made partners unwilling or unable to cooperate effectively in dealing with the strategic challenges, posed by two rival powers in particular: Russia and China. Many European politicians and experts are putting their hopes on a Biden Administration and a renewal of transatlantic cooperation. The article will end with some suggestions on how better to align policies on Russia and China on both sides of the Atlantic.

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