Tony van der Togt

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Per September 2018 Tony van der Togt continued his connection to the Clingendael Institute as Senior Research Associate after his return to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Prior to that, he was on secondment from the ministry since September 2014. Before joining the Clingendael Institute he held different positions in the Netherlands MFA, both in The Hague and at Dutch representations abroad, dealing with Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He established the first Netherlands Embassy in Kazakhstan and served as Dutch Chargé d’Affaires a.i. in Almaty from 1995-98. At the Ministry, he worked on Eastern Europe and Central Asia in several functions, including Head of Eastern Europe/Central Asia Division from 2000-2005. He worked at CFSP-department from 1998-2000, including as Acting European Correspondent and was Special Advisor on OSCE from 2005-2008. Most recently, he served as Dutch Consul-General in St Petersburg (2008-2011) and Special Representative for the Netherlands-Russia bilateral year in 2013.

Tony van der Togt studied contemporary history and international relations at Amsterdam Free University, Radboud University Nijmegen and Leiden University. He wrote his MA-thesis on organisational changes in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in reaction to new international developments in the period 1945-1974 (Nijmegen, 1983).

Apart from earlier articles and papers on Dutch-Central Asian relations, Russian foreign policy and EU-OSCE relations, he also wrote an overview and analysis of the history of bilateral Dutch-Russian relations 1942-2013, in: N.Kraft van Ermel/J.S.A.M. van Koningsbrugge, Nederland en Rusland, een paar apart? 400 jaar Nederlands-Russische betrekkingen (The Netherlands and Russia, a special couple? 400 years Dutch-Russian relations), Groningen 2013.

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