Conflict and Fragility

Conflict and Fragility

Horn of Africa

23 Jun 2018 - 20:32
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CRU’s Horn of Africa Programme focuses on how informality – and specifically informal economies – can be harnessed to strengthen stabilisation strategies in the region.


Countries in the Horn of Africa share a key characteristic that determines both their vulnerability and resilience in the face of violent conflict: the formal politics of boundaries, sovereign state, formal institutions and budgets coexist with the oftentimes even more important informal bargaining over resources and power that decides upon stability and development, or the lack thereof, in the region. This research programme focuses on how and under what conditions informality – and specifically informal economies, particularly but not exclusively with regard to migrants and smuggling networks – actually thwarts or promotes the consolidation of stable and inclusive societies, and to what extend international efforts in the region contribute to this dynamic.


Conflict and Fragility

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Conflict and Fragility

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Conflict and Fragility

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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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Conflict and Fragility
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