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Clingendael expert meeting: Libya’s militias
28 Aug 2017 16:00 - 18:00
Source: The Crusader Journal

How will Libya's militias shape the future of Libya…and what does it mean for Europe?

Ziad AklPieter Feith

Ziad Akl, senior researcher Al-Ahram Foundation, and Pieter Feith, Netherlands Special Envoy for Libya, at Clingendael's expert meeting

The failure of the Libyan Political Agreement and countless international diplomatic initiatives make clear that the end of the Libyan conflict is not yet in sight. Understanding Libya’s conflict dynamics is essential. It is clear that Libya’s patchwork of  militias plays a crucial, but little understood role. What are the latest developments regarding Libya’s militias? How should, and can, Europe deal with them? Whether fighting them, reintegrating them or even co-opting them as part of a solution, Europe will have to give these non-state actors a place in its strategy towards Libya’s fragmented violent landscape.

The Clingendael Institute is pleased to invite you to an expert meeting on the conflict in Libya and the role played by Libya’s militias, to be held on Monday 28 August 2017 at 16.00 hrs.

We will be joined by renowned Libya expert Dr. Ziad Akl of the Al-Ahram Foundation in Cairo, and author of the recent publication on Libya’s militias ‘Militia Institutionalisation and Security Sector Reform in Libya’. Two Clingendael experts, Kars de Bruijne and Floor El Kamouni-Janssen, will also offer insights from the Clingendael CrisesAlert series on Libya. Their analyses challenge some of the core assumptions about the Libyan conflict and offer recommendations on Europe’s response. Following their introductory comments, there will be room for discussion.

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16.00  Welcome by Monika Sie Dhian Ho (general director Clingendael)

16.10  Kars de Bruijne (Research Fellow Clingendael) on the conflict dynamics in Libya

16.25  Ziad Akl (Al-Ahram Foundation, Egypt) on the institutionalisation of the militias in Libya and the consequences for Security Sector Reform

16.45  Floor El Kamouni-Janssen (Research Fellow Clingendael) on militia governance and coalition building at the local level & policy considerations for Europe

17.00  Discussion

18.00  Drinks