Security and Defence

Current developments on the Korean Peninsula
22 May 2018 09:00 - 12:30
Source: Jens-Olaf Walter/flickr

This was a public event co-hosted by Leiden Asia Centre, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, and the Clingendael Institute. 

Recent developments on the Korean peninsula surprised many observers: after a period of quickly escalating tensions between North Korea and the United States, recently the atmosphere changed. A summit between the North and South Korean leadership resulted in positive statements on peace, cooperation and even nuclear disarmament. Soon a Summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump is expected as well. 

This seminar aimed at providing some background to the recent developments as well as offering some views on challenges and opportunities for the near future. Clingendael Korea expert Sico van der Meer addressed the possible role for the EU regarding the Korea's.


09.00-09.30   Registration

09.30-09.45   Opening session and welcome
                               HE Lee Yun Young, Ambassador of the
                               Republic of Korea in the Netherlands 
                               Professor Remco Breuker, Professor of Korean Studies at
                               Leiden University and Director Leiden Asia Centre

09.45-10.15   'The Korean Peninsula after the Inter- Korean Summit 2018’
                               Dr. Jun Bong-Geun, Advisor on the Inter Korean Summit 2018,
                               Republic of Korea

10.15-10.45    'What role for the European Union on the Korean Peninsula?’
                               Sico van der Meer, Research Fellow, the Clingendael Institute

10.45-11.00   Q&A - moderated by Lily Sprangers, Leiden Asia Centre

11.00-11.15   Coffee break

11.15-11.45   ‘Keeping human rights on the agenda when talking to North Korea’
                               Remco Breuker, Professor of Korean Studies at 
                               Leiden University and Director of the Leiden Asia Centre 

11.45-12.15   ‘The Netherlands and the Korean Peninsula: Supportive Diplomacy’
                               Peter Potman, Director Asia and Oceania,
                               Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

12.15-12.30   Q&A - moderated by Lily Sprangers, Leiden Asia Centre

12.30-13.30   Lunch