Security and Defence

Expert meeting: Transatlantic security in insecure times
02 Oct - 03 Oct 2018
Source: EUISS

Weathering the storm: Transatlantic security in insecure times

This expert event was organised by the European Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), and the Clingendael Institute with support of the Finnish and Netherlands Ministries of Defence, and was upon personal invitation only. The photostream of this event can be viewed here.

The objective of this second of two transatlantic expert meetings was to bring together a small, but high-level, group of policymakers, politicians and think tankers from Europe and the US to discuss the key challenges the transatlantic security community faces. The conference wanted to contribute to a robust transatlantic dialogue, required to be able to forge a common response to today’s security challenges. 

Guest speakers were amongst others Jamie Shea (Former Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges-NATO and Senior Fellow-Friends of Europe), Daniela Schwarzer (Director of DGAP), Jim Townsend (Senior Fellow CNAS), and Florence Gaub (Deputy Director-EUISS), and Amanda Sloat (Robert Bosch Fellow, Center on the United States and Europe-Brookings Institution). Marisa Gerards (NL Permanent Representative at NATO) hosted the speakers' dinner. 

This expert meeting was held under the Chatham House Rule.