A Fireside Chat on Brexit: Dutch, Irish and European perspectives
09 Dec 2020 16:00 - 17:00
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The Clingendael Institute is proud to partner with the Embassy of Ireland in The Hague to present A Fireside Chat on Brexit offering Dutch, Irish and European perspectives on current developments. The webinar will be streamed live on YouTube. Please register to receive an email alert. 

Time is drawing short on the Brexit negotiations, with end of the Transition Period less than one month away. The threat of a so-called ‘No-Deal Brexit’ remains on the horizon. The Brexit negotiators, David Frost and Michel Barnier, are facing the same issues each time they meet: Fisheries, a Level-playing field, and the question of Governance arrangements for any future arrangements. Even if a deal is reached there will be disruption, and the Netherlands and Ireland will be two of the most affected EU Member States due to their geographical closeness and market exposure to the United Kingdom.

Join us for Fireside Chat with three of Ireland and the Netherlands’ foremost commentators on Brexit and the EU. Fintan, Caroline and Rem will share perspectives on where we stand, how we got here, and most importantly, where this leaves Ireland, the Netherlands, and the EU.


An award-winning panel of speakers will discuss the challenges posed by Brexit in domestic, European and geopolitical contexts:


  • Fintan O’Toole is a columnist with The Irish Times. He is the winner of both the Orwell Prize and the European Press Prize for his work on Brexit. He is currently working on the official biography of Seamus Heaney. He contributes regularly to the New York Review of Books and The Guardian. His most recent book is Heroic Failure: Brexit and The Politics of Pain. 
  • Caroline de Gruyter is a journalist and lecturer based in Oslo. She is a European Affairs correspondent for the leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and a regular contributor to Carnegie Europe and Foreign Policy. She was posted to Brussels twice and spent more than twenty years covering Europe, including in her books on Switzerland and Brussels. Her next book, exploring parallels and differences between the Habsburg Empire and the European Union, will be published in March 2021.
  • Rem Korteweg is senior research fellow at the Clingendael Institute, and will be your moderator. He leads the Institute’s work on Brexit and will offer insights from a Dutch perspective. He is currently working on a book on how Brexit has changed the European Union.


The webinar will be streamed live on YouTube. Please register to receive an email alert. Looking forward to your virtual attendance.