Conflict and Fragility

Webinar #2: Turkish foreign policy in the Levant
20 Oct 2020 15:00 - 16:15
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This webinar is the second in our four-part series on Turkey. It will be streamed live on YouTube

The Clingendael Institute warmly invites you to join our webinar on Turkey’s foreign policy in the Middle East after 2015 when the peace negotiations between the AKP and PKK collapsed. Against the backdrop of ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq, we will examine several key dimensions, such as Turkish priorities in Idlib and Salafist linkages between this area and Turkey itself, Ankara’s regional approach to the Kurdish question, as well as the new Turkish-Iranian bromance. 


Erwin van Veen (the Clingendael Institute) will moderate the conversation with brief introductions by the experts as basis to discuss some hard hitting questions on what Turkish foreign policy is all about in this area.

  • Salim Çevik (German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) Center for Applied Turkey Studies) will analyze Turkey’s presence in Idlib including Salafist linkages
  • Engin Yüksel (the Clingendael Institute) will examine the Kurdish question
  • Maysam Behravesh (Lund University) will discuss Turkish-Iranian relations
  • Hamzeh al-Shadeedi (The American University of Iraq Sulaimani) in turn will offer an Iraqi expert perspective on Turkey’s foreign policy
  • Mohammad Kanfash (independent) will offer a Syrian expert perspective on Turkey’s foreign policy

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The two follow-up webinars of this four-part series will focus on the role of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and EU-Turkey relations. Stay tuned via our newsletter!