Dynamic EU Election Debate for Insight into Europe alums
25 Apr 2024 - 15:49
Source: Clingendael

Does the EU need its own army? Is the EU-Tunisia migration deal the first among many? And should we still provide EU subsidies to European farmers? On Tuesday, April 23, the Clingendael Institute organised an election debate between candidate members of the European Parliament. This debate was organised for a large group of alums of the Clingendael course “Insight into Europe.” 

Candidate members of the European Parliament from various political parties, including BBB, NSC, GroenLinks-PvdA, CDA, D66, and VVD, debated crucial issues such as migration policy, defence, and agriculture. With six weeks remaining until the European elections on June 6, the debate provided an important opportunity for participants to gain insight into the positions of the different parties.

The debate marked the final day of a double edition of the Insight into Europe training, specifically designed for Dutch civil servants. Over four days, participants gained deeper understanding of the complex structures of Brussels. Are you a Dutch civil servant and do you want to improve your knowledge of shaping policy at the European level? Then follow this link for more information.

The livestream of the EU election debate can be viewed here: