Humanitarian negotiators return to The Hague
20 Jun 2022 - 11:46
Source: Clingendael

After two years of online editions, a group of experienced humanitarian negotiators joined us in The Hague for the Advanced Negotiation Skills Training for humanitarians. They all previously attended the foundation course. However, working in countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria means that the participants often need to negotiate in highly complex and unsafe environments. Therefore, three days were spent refining the specific negotiation skills needed in such contexts.

During the training the participants worked on how to break deadlocks, strategically use (de-)escalating behavior, monitor personal stress levels in unsafe negotiation environment and creating effective mandates. All these lessons were put into practice during simulation exercises.  An immersive learning environment was created through the use of actors, embodying counterparts such as generals and soldiers. The participants, thus, got the chance to apply the newly learned tools in negotiation environments they are often confronted with in their every-day work.

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