Indonesian mid-career Diplomats conclude online training
15 Oct 2021 - 11:43

Last week, 15 Indonesian mid-career diplomats successfully concluded a three-week training on diplomatic practice. This continues the special relationship between Clingendael and the Indonesian MFA’s Centre of Education and Training, which was established in 2004.

The training contained several skills-focused sessions, such as international negotiation, effective intercultural communication, management, setting up trade missions, and the ability to anticipate future trends in foreign policy.

Additionally, substantive topics also played an essential role throughout the training programme, such as contemporary geopolitical developments in the Indonesian neighbourhood, ocean governance, sustainable development, cyber security, and international law.

All of these topics – and more – were covered in light of Indonesia’s upcoming chairpersonship of both the G20 and ASEAN.

Because of the online format of the training, Clingendael was able to host participants from all over the world, from Warsaw to New Delhi and Cairo to Jakarta. The diplomats’ diverse backgrounds and valuable contributions resulted in a productive and interactive learning experience.