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Since 2004 Clingendael Academy has been providing tailor-made training programmes for diplomats from Indonesia. Our partner is the Indonesian Centre of Education and Training, which is known for being one of Southeast Asia’s most established modern diplomatic training centres.

Every year, we organise tailor-made training programmes for junior, mid-career, and senior-level diplomats, as well as workshops on negotiation skills and other topics, for government officials in Jakarta. With over 900 Indonesian diplomats trained throughout the years, Indonesia represents the biggest group of Clingendael alumni from one single country.

Indonesia has a long history of a ‘free and active’ foreign policy, which has taken on increasing relevance with its continued emergence as a regional power. Indonesia is a key member state of ASEAN, the world’s third-largest democracy, the largest Muslim-majority country, and a major world economy.

With the historic relationship and strong economic ties between the Netherlands and Indonesia, the two countries are a ‘mutual gateway’ and enable each other’s access to the EU and the broader South East Asian market. Our training strengthens and broadens this relationship by exploring and discussing mutual interests, challenges and long-term trends and developments.

While every programme covers topics relevant to Indonesia’s foreign policy (see below), the level of experience and position of the participants within their Foreign Ministry requires a tailored approach towards the specificities of the contents and skills training.

Training for junior diplomats from Indonesia

  • A six week long training programme for 20 participants
  • All contents, competences and work processes that are needed to make a promising career start
  • A focus on strengthening diplomatic skills, such as intercultural communication, negotiations, presentations and policy writing, and analysing current international affairs and diplomacy.

Training for mid-career diplomats from Indonesia

  • A two weeks’ training programme for 10 participants
  • Refresh and enhance the capacities of more experienced diplomats
  • Mid-level management skills training, i.e. on (interdepartmental) policy coordination, stakeholder analysis, team-building and management skills

Training for senior diplomats from Indonesia

  • A one week training programme for 10 diplomats
  • Advanced skills and competence training suited to the senior career phase, such as consensus-building, management and leadership, coaching, high-level communication and negotiation skills, and strategy formulation.

Themes covered in the training programmes for Indonesia include:

  • ASEAN & EU regional cooperation
  • Priorities & challenges for Indonesia’s economic relations
  • Sustainable development, oceans & climate diplomacy
  • Consular work and the rights of migrants
  • Security dimension in the South-east Asian region
  • Law of the sea and maritime security
  • Opportunities for bilateral cooperation

For more information about the cooperation between Indonesia and Clingendael, please feel free to contact us.