MENA mid-career diplomats complete training programme
14 Dec 2023 - 13:08
Source: MENA mid-career diplomats complete training programme. Clingendael

Last month, Clingendael Academy welcomed 14 diplomats from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for the second edition of the MENA diplomatic training programme for midcareer level diplomats. The two-week programme aimed to enhance their existing expertise as diplomats, explore avenues for regional cooperation, and expand their international networks.

The programme was divided into two modules, starting with a focus on sharpening essential diplomatic skills at the midcareer level, including crisis management, advanced negotiation skills, and intercultural communication. The diplomats also received lectures on crucial topics such as trends in international security and cyber diplomacy. As part of the second module on international law and climate diplomacy, the diplomats engaged in lectures on the opportunities in climate governance and water cooperation in the region. These discussions were central as the programme took place in the run-up to and during the COP28 conference in the United Arab Emirates. 

The participants also visited the International Court of Justice and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they learned more about Dutch foreign policy with regards to countries in the MENA region. On the final day, the diplomats prepared a stakeholder analysis presentation on a policy objective of their choosing aimed at advancing regional cooperation.

Clingendael Academy looks back on a successful programme, during which the diplomats sharpened their knowledge and skills that they can incorporate in their daily work practice. Their warm personalities fostered a strong bond between one another and created a positive learning environment. We wish all of them good luck in their future endeavours.