A new 3-year phase for the Planetary Security Initiative
09 Dec 2019 - 11:20
Source: National Flood Emergency Response in Pakistan A family crosses the flooded streets of Pakistan. © Asian Development Bank

The Clingendael Institute, independent think tank and academy, is delighted to announce a new phase of the Planetary Security Initiative funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. PSI's ultimate goal is to inspire local actors, donors and other stakeholders to deploy climate action for peace and stability purposes, and place "a climate-lens" on peace and security policy interventions in relevant contexts.

Clingendael Director, Monika Sie Dhian Ho:

"Our initiative will enter a new phase in 2020 by focusing on catalysing tangible action on the ground to reduce and reverse security risks related to climate change, natural resource stress and environmental degradation."

PSI will develop a programme to collect best practices on the ground, share and translate these to other relevant contexts and showcase the gains of aligning climate change and natural resources policies on the one hand and security policies on the other hand.

Just like the previous 3,5 years, PSI will continue to act as global knowledge hub. Its activities on the ground will be shifting more towards the regions (a.o. Middle-East & Levant) where this agenda is most pressing. In these regions PSI will work with local partners. PSI will work with journalists from countries highly affected by the climate-security nexus to increase the public's awareness and spark international debate.

Also, PSI aims to continue and strengthen the connection with younger generations that increasingly act as a very strong voice for climate action. They are not only becoming more vocal in Western Europe, but also in vulnerable regions across the globe, such as the Middle-East and Levant region.

PSI will continue to build upon knowledge and networks established in its first phase (2016-2019) that centred around the annual two-day Planetary Security Conferences with in 2019 over 450 participants from over 55 countries. 


The core team and project partners for the next phase of PSI will be:

  • the Clingendael Institute
  • The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
  • Free Press Unlimited

It will also collaborate with other platforms and networks on natural resource stresses (e.g. on water, food and land) and the International Military Council on Climate and Security.

Please find more information on PSI's website, subscribe to the PSI newsletter and follow @PlanSecu on Twitter.