Register now for the Intercultural Communication Course 2018
19 Oct 2017 - 11:16
Source: ThinkstockPhotos

On January 18th and 19th of 2018, the Clingendael Academy will organise its annual open-registration course on intercultural communication about the influence of culture on communication and decision making processes.

The course is open to anyone working in international or multicultural contexts such as ministries, universities, international real estate and the international energy sector.

Previous participants to this course came from various places around the globe such as Ghana, Iran, Oman, and the Netherlands.

The main goals of the course are:

  1. to allow/facilitate greater insight into one's own cultural communicative preferences and value patterns;
  2. to learn to recognise those of others;
  3. to learn how to effectively bridge the gap between those two perspectives by communicating effectively across cultural barriers.

So if you want to further develop your intercultural communicative skillset and are searching for the ideal learning opportunity, look no further, and register for the 2018 Clingendael Course on Intercultural Communication here!