Training Georgian security professionals online
17 Jun 2020 - 12:08
Source: NASA; Unsplash

What security challenges is Georgia facing and how do these relate to NATO and the EU?

Experts from the Clingendael Institute and the Defence Institution Building School (DIBS) of Georgia have explored this strategic question in two five-day digital training modules on International Security. The participants, all security experts from the Georgian public sector, participated in challenging digital simulations, strategic analysis assignments, interactive lectures and skills workshops. 

In the first module, Dutch and Georgian experts shared their knowledge regarding contemporary security phenomena, such as hybrid threats, economic security and cyber-warfare. The participants became acquainted with new security challenges and shared their insights in a highly interactive strategic analysis workshop and debrief. What do these challenges mean for NATO and Georgia and how to mitigate threats?

In the second module, the participants became further acquainted with the European Union as a security actor. How are decisions being made in Europe and how does the EU operate as a security actor? Through a digital negotiation simulation and strategic exercises, the participants gained new insights into EU security policy. 

The Clingendael Academy is specialized in training international professionals through challenging lectures that alternate with simulation games and skills workshops; physical, digital or a combination of both.


Cooperation between Clingendael Academy and DIBS

This training is part of a bigger, initially bilateral, and now fully NATO-funded cooperation between Clingendael Academy and DIBS in Georgia. In this multi-year capacity programme, Clingendael Academy supports DIBS in their efforts in becoming a leading training centre for the Georgian security sector.

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