Senior WFP staff strengthen negotiation skills
29 Jul 2021 - 15:55
Bron: Photo: WFP/Owen Davies

In 2021, Clingendael Academy supports the World Food Programme (WFP) in the strengthening of their humanitarian negotiation skills, by training four experienced groups of aid workers. By sharing negotiation tools and concepts, Clingendael offers further guidance and structure to participants’ negotiations in challenging situations.

During a five-day programme plus a reflection day two months after completion, participants practice with tools and tactics during role-plays and simulations. The training, which is offered as part of WFP’s Emergency Training Academy (EMTRAC), leaves ample room for peer-to-peer exchange and reflection during which participants can connect the tools and tactics to their own experiences.

The overall aim of this training is to support the participants to make more conscious choices in their negotiations and to create situational awareness of the influencing factors of a negotiation.

Clingendael Academy and WFP have been working together since 2019, when Clingendael first trained WFP staff from Yemen in humanitarian negotiation skills. In addition to the training for senior staff, this year we have also supported WFP Afghanistan in their approach to negotiation processes.