Leela Koenig

Head of Academy Programme Humanitarian Negotiations


  • Diplomatic practice
  • Humanitarian negotiation
  • Personal effectiveness

Leela Koenig is Head of Clingendael’s Humanitarian Negotiation Programme, a capacity strenghtening programme that works with humanitarians, mediation organisations and diplomats who work on humanitarian dossiers with the aim of improving the effectiveness of humanitarian negotiation processes.

Alongside working on the programme’s strategy, impact measurement and international network, she manages the various teams that work on the programme’s strategic objectives, delivers negotiation training herself to a global audience, organises capacity strengthening workshops and develops new and innovative courses with her teams.

Leela also leads on programmes for Dutch diplomats and trains internationally operating professionals and diplomats in scenario-building.

Before joining Clingendael in 2018, she was head of a department at an international education organisation based in London, UK and worked in over 60 countries on various skills development projects in the last 15 years.