Looking back: Clingendael Academy 2022
05 Jan 2023 - 09:00
Bron: Huys Clingendael

In 2022, the Clingendael Academy has conducted and facilitated numerous trainings to diplomats, civil servants, humanitarian negotiators, peace negotiators, mediators, business professionals and many others worldwide. We are very proud to support professionals in strengthening and improving their knowledge and skills needed to operate effectively in international and politically sensitive environments. We would like to offer you a glimpse of our training activities back in 2022.

New Dutch Diplomats ready to represent the Netherlands 

When well-known philosopher and senior scientist of the Dutch Council for Government policy Haroon Sheikh opened the seven-week course on international relations and diplomatic skills, forty new young Dutch diplomats in training knew that they entered the world of diplomacy in times of changing alliances and geopolitics. The civil servants met over hundreds experts and trainers through lectures, debates, expert meetings, interview carrousels and interactive exercises. 

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Humanitarian negotiation training in Istanbul

Conflicts, violence, access challenges and breaches of humanitarian principles still occur in many of the locations where all these aid workers are active. The majority of the aid workers work in Turkey or the region. After more than two years of digital negotiation skills training for humanitarian aid workers, we were very happy to provide a physical training in Instanbul. Through simulations and role play we provide an experiential learning environment in which participants practiced with practical negotiation tools and techniques to better handle their daily challenges. 

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Negotiation and mediation training for Benue traditional rulers 

Together with our long-standing partner, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, we facilitated a three-day programme on meditation and negotiation skills for traditional rulers from Benue state. The training was conducted in light and in follow-up of the Natural Resource Peace Agreement in the Agatu Local Government Area and is part of a major conflict resolution process started by HD in Benue state in 2017. The training concluded with a signing of a communique, in which the rulers showed their commitment beyond their role as multiplicators, by agreeing to set up an all-inclusive traditional council negotiation and mediation support structure.

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Training for potential agricultural attachés

Food security, water diplomacy and trade missions; three different themes an agricultural attaché could encounter when working on a mission abroad. Representing Dutch agricultural interests abroad is a profession in its own right. Since 2020, Clingendael has been organising an orientation training to prepare participants for a potential posting as an agricultural attaché in a diplomatic mission abroad. Ten enthusiastic participants from different departments within the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture (LNV) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) were selected.

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Organization of American States (OAS) Diplomatic Training

Senior diplomats and ambassadors from member states of the Organization of American States (OAS) came directly from their posting in Washington to participate in a training programme aimed at strengthening their individual skills and the institutional capacities of the OAS. The programme consisted amongst others of expert sessions on key policy fields such as climate change governance, human rights and natural resources, a working visit to the International Criminal Court and exchanges with diplomats from Southern Africa and their Dutch colleagues. 

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The 77th Leergang Buitenlandse Betrekkingen (Clingendael's course on international relations)

Each year, Clingendael organises the Leergang Buitenlandse Betrekkingen, a three-month training programme on international relations. The first LBB started in 1967. A few of the highlights were the opening lecture by former Dutch minister Tom de Bruijn, a working visit to the Port of Rotterdam and a conversation with David van Weel, assistant secretary general at NATO. The course was concluded with a negotiation simulation of no less than 48 hours: the EU role-play. 

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Training of Trainers for professionals from Somalia and Somaliland

Clingendael provided a five-day Training of Trainers (ToT) for professionals working at different institutions such as universities, peace building and media development organisations in Somalia and Somaliland. They will use the lessons in their own trainings for roving mediators in Somaliland and beyond. The roving mediators will aim to resolve active, past and hopefully mitigate future communal conflict through mediation. By training the trainers we intend to have a multiplier effect and support even more professionals in the field of mediation.

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Pre-deployment training for the Dutch Ministry of Defense

Military personnel of the Dutch Ministry of Defense gathered for a four-day Pre-Deployment training. Participants learned skills and the socio-historical context from our experts before heading to United Nations missions (UNTSO and UNDOF) and a United States Security Coordinator-mission in Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Syria.  

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About the Clingendael Academy 

The Clingendael Academy is proud to be one of the largest independent diplomatic training centres in the world. The Clingendael Academy offers diplomatic training courses, thematic and skills development programmes, tailor-made training, expert seminars, open application courses and individual coaching to professionals worldwide, in order to allow them to operate effectively at the international level. We also offer capacity-building programmes to strengthen young democracies and support the development of diplomatic academies or other training institutes around the world.

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